“I would like to take the opportunity to describe the outstanding work that Better IT Solution has performed in assisting with our Information Technology projects and managing our Help Desk. During the many projects undertaken by Better IT Solution, several unexpected obstacles came up (as they usually do in large projects), but the team at Better IT Solution was able to handle these issues in a timely way with solutions that brought us up-to-date with the latest best practices in the industry. The ability to work well under pressure with tight deadlines while working with various outside contractors and medical center personnel has been something I also appreciated about Better IT Solution. Their team is always calm, helpful and to-the-point in their communication and they are always able to meet our deadlines. In short, I would gladly recommend Better IT Solution for any similar work. Their work is professional, they are knowledgeable, pleasant to work with and, most importantly, they are able to deliver on what they promise.”

Barbara Duncan Former Chief Financial Officer
Habersham Medical Center

They keep watch so we don’t worry.

One of the most awesome things is the peace of mind knowing that our client files are protected and if we have a problem now someone will help us get back online and running quickly.

Switching to Better IT Solution was the best decision I ever made for our agency. The hardware in our building is clean and professional looking and it enables all our devices and software to work more efficiently than ever before. You will also rest easy knowing that if you have a breach in your data, Better IT Solution will know what has happened and stop it well before you ever know anything has happened. Greg called me on Christmas one year and told me it appeared we had a hacker try to access our system files and that they locked all of systems down to keep our client files safe. They then started an investigation to determine what the issues were. They worked with our vendors to correct and document the issues.

Firms that we worked with in the past promised us grand things but never kept their word. Better IT Solution always comes through with their word and keeps on task until the job is done.

Charity Gilbert Executive Director
Housing Authority

Outstanding customer service!

I can safely say that having a group of people that I trust to always do what is in the best interest of my organization and take the time to explain the problems / projects in ways that someone who is not as fluent in the jargon of the technology industry can understand is by far one of, if not the most beneficial aspects of Better IT Solution (BITS).  Yes, technically the BITS team is top-notch, but it is the people that help take that technical expertise and use it in a way that makes any executive feel comfortable taking on any project that their organization may be facing.  I would not trust my IT infrastructure in the healthcare arena to anyone else.

The BITS customer service is by far head and shoulders above those whom I’ve worked with in the past.  The culture of their organization is one where the team members care about the companies that they are working with, and it shows.  I started off by saying it was your customer service but, it is the overall culture and quality of the people whom you choose to represent the BITS brand that really make the difference.

“Your IT infrastructure is far too important to make a mistake.  Trust me when I tell you to trust BITS with all your IT needs”. There was a time that another IT vendor wanted me to hire his people internally to manage all the IT work at HMC.  Safe to say that I advocated strongly against that because I knew how good of a job that you guys did and I would not trust that job to anyone else.

Tyler Williams CEO
Habersham Medical Center

“The team at Better IT Solution is very dependable and helpful. They recognize that not all users have their technical background, so they will come to our associates’ computer stations to help fix any problem that they have. Our employees have rated our IT department at the highest level of satisfaction we have seen in many years. An efficient, dependable and reliable IT department is very important when it comes to operating a hospital. We have been pleased with the service provided by the team at Better IT Solution. Our partnership is strong and we are pleased to use Better IT Solution, They are a welcomed service to our associates and medical staff.”

Larry Ebert Former Chief Executive Officer
Northridge Medical Center

“I have known and worked with Greg for approximately 6 years or more. Greg provided leadership and management of all IT Systems, Telephone and Public Address Communication Systems, and copier/printer/fax systems in two separate hospitals of which I was serving as the Chief Executive Officer. During this time Greg served the first hospital as an employee and the second hospital as a contracted service. As an example of his dedication to providing the best he can, in his contracted capacity after completing system updates and upgrades, he actually renegotiated his contracted services to significantly reduce the overall contracted service costs to the hospital (at his own detriment or fee reduction) based on the updated and upgraded system’s improved dependability and significant reduction in the work desk service calls. During his leadership and management of both Hospital’s Systems, Greg orchestrated updates, upgrades, expansions, conversions, and numerous cost saving improvements while significantly improving the day-to-day systems dependability, minimal down time, quick solutions to Systems issues and challenges. In both hospitals, he completely updated and upgraded phone systems and copier/printer/fax systems while at the same time renegotiating costs for significant savings for both hospitals. Without reservation, I would highly recommend Greg’s services with expectations of his future successes. I would not hesitate to personally use Greg as an employee or contracted service. He has extremely high integrity, dedication, loyalty and demonstrates superb communication, organizational and leadership skills.”

James P. Yarborough Former Chief Executive Officer
Elbert Memorial Hospital

We now have Peace of Mind since we changed to Better IT Solution.

As a law enforcement agency professional, the peace of mind knowing I have a very knowledgeable IT staff assisting us with all our operational systems, knowing the entire network is protected from attack and all our devices are up to date with anti-virus software is essential. We love the low service response time and the time to correct any the issues, so it doesn’t interfere with our duties. As a police department working 24/7 this is a huge advantage having a company understanding these needs!

Since we have switched to the Better IT Solution, I can say our down time or critical incidents of failure have gone to basically zero. In the past, we would have to wait days or even a week to have issues corrected. We utilize complicated state reporting systems that are very sensitive and require timely reporting. We have not had to send any letters of explanation since switching to Better IT Solution.

I can honestly tell any company that their service and knowledgeable staff will give you a peace and comfort within the first few months of service. We have had extensive work done to replaced and moved our networking closets to better locations while switching the department over from mechanical security to keyless entry systems. During these upgrades, we did not have any issues with the partnership and implementation of new systems or software. We also launched a cloud base Taser cam system through our agency and this implementation worked flawlessly. Better IT Solution staff worked with the company in a timely manner and had us launched on the new system for evidence.com without any issues. We utilize Mobile Data Terminals (MDT) in all patrol units as well. MDTS require a link for syncing up the reports of incident or data transfer of citations to the server. Better IT installed an excellent inside and out Wi-Fi system to help with the MDT units. There are many advantages of working with their staff with such a broad knowledge of IT systems. I have not had any new system upgrades or technical issues that could not be improved or corrected by Better IT Solution.

Donnie Boleman Chief Of Police
Police Department

Communication skills of the BITS Team are GREAT.

The biggest benefit to us would be the support turnaround time.  Better IT Solution has been wonderful about getting our issues fixed and doing it quickly.  We are a retail company so having an IT issue can cost us money. The quick turnaround has kept us doing what we should be doing...selling.

Another strong asset the Better IT Solution team has is their communication skills.  They are awesome at calling us back, updating us, and explaining to us our issues where we can understand it.  I am not great at computers or computer lingo, and they explain everything in detail in a way I can understand.

If you are looking for an IT company, I would say give them a try. You won't regret it.

Shelly Embrick Owner
Cycle World of Athens

"I had the pleasure to work with Greg and his company at two different organizations when I was a regional CEO of Northridge Hospital in Commerce Georgia and later as the CEO of Stephens County Hospital in Toccoa Georgia. Each of these organizations required massive turnaround efforts and substantial modernization in Information Technology. I was so impressed with Greg and his company’s understanding of the IT needs of rural hospitals I appointed him to a senior leadership position within the hospitals. Together our team turned both of those hospitals around financially and made real progress in modernizing. Greg and company became more than just IT vendors. They also took on all my telecommunications areas from phones to switchboards. They were invaluable. I would strongly recommend Greg and his team. They are knowledgeable, affable and can both plan AND execute. They understand rural hospitals and the challenges they face."

Roger Forgey, FACHE | CEO Senior Healthcare Executive Position
Health Systems as Industry, Market and National Leaders

Better IT Solution has an awesome staff and takes great care of our technological needs.

I love working with a local company. Greg and his staff are amazing, and I like the fact that I can call on any one of them and know that I will be taken care of. They really have great customer service. They always show up with a smile and lots of laughs. I have tried other big box IT companies and Better IT Solution goes above and beyond everyone else. I will never use anyone else for our IT services. Thank you and I really appreciate you always taking care of our business.

Starla Rutledge Office Manager
Winterville Animal Clinic

Better IT Solution works so VERY well with our internal IT Team.

There are so many benefits to the Better IT Solution managed IT service group, but if I must narrow it down to one, it is their knowledge, professionalism, and consistency with every customer encounter, regardless of the issue.

Better IT Solution is completely adaptable to each work environment, adapting their skills to accommodate the customer's unique needs and/or workflows.

The Better IT Solution Team works incredibly well with each company, becoming part of the workforce "family".  Each team member displays excellent skills and work ethics.  They keep the individual workplace priorities in focus.  An example is in a hospital setting, each team member is acutely focused on prioritizing and resolving processes which impact patient care.  Better IT Solution is a team of tech-savvy workers who easily apply those skills to improve and maintain existing systems to meet the needs of their customers. They are an excellent team.

Miriam Strong Director of Information Systems
Habersham Medical Center