Better IT Solution

Your IT support team, when you need it!

Better IT Solution has been providing rural healthcare with reliable managed services since 2011. With our holistic approach to computer, network, and telecommunications support, we really are “Your IT Support Team…When YOU Need It!”


IT Services

Remote monitoring, proactive maintenance, and support of your network, servers and desktops provided 24/7/365. Spend more time managing operations and less time worrying about IT when you rely on the experienced IT professionals at Better IT Solution. Ideal for Rural Hospitals seeking a more efficient way to service customers.

Security Services

From Web and Email filters to security and backup devices, Better IT Solution will provide the best solution to help prevent intrusion, data theft, and service interruptions. Instill confidence in your users and customers that their most valued personal and business information can be trusted in your hands.


Rural Hospitals trust Better IT Solution to ensure a reliable IT infrastructure for the support of their employees and customers. With outsourcing, you can have access to the best resource, for just the time you need it. Employees are expensive. Outsourcing lets you pay for exactly what you need and nothing more.

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Better IT Solution

About our company

Better IT Solution aims to be the leading provider of IT services to rural healthcare without dedicated or complete IT staff. We strive to achieve this goal by constantly improving the value of our services and focusing on making our customers more efficient, productive, and satisfied with their technology investments.

Better IT Solution

Why choose us

The hidden cost of lost time and productivity due to technical problems is the single largest expense of healthcare technology. With Better IT Solution you have the benefits of a fully staffed IT department, at a tiny fraction of the cost – and for much less than it’s costing you to function without qualified IT support. When you do have a problem, there’s just one number to call, any time of day or night.